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Nautical Theory 

of Odysseus's voyage

Code of the Odyssey

1.1. TELL ME, O MUSE, of that ingenious hero who travelled far and wide
1.2. after he had sacked the famous town of Troy. Many cities did he visit,
1.3. and many were the nations with whose manners and customs he was             
1.4. acquainted; moreover he suffered much by sea while trying to save
1.5. his own life and bring his men safely home;  

The Odyssey's opening lines

"If the claim that the history of Europe  began with the Greeks
is true,
that Greek history began with the world of Odysseus."

M. Finley: The word of Odysseus

Homer has written a wonderful story: The story of Odysseus' wanderings, the Odyssey, which has become a concept.
This masterpiece can be read in many different images.

  1. It can be seen simply as a story. You can be part of amazing adventures, guessing what the lotus tasted like, what the palace of the Lord of the Winds looked like, where to sail to the land of Hades and how Odysseus got back alive. What was the song of the Sirens and how to escape from Scylla, what did Kirke use to bewitch
    Ha így olvassuk, akkor egy hihetetlenül izgalmas és kalandos mesébe kerülünk.

  2. It can also be read as a tale of a husband gone astray, meaning that Odysseus had something to say when he finally returned home to his wife Penelope after a long, long absence, wherever he had been for the past 10 years.
    When read like this, it is the most beautiful lie a husband has ever told his wife.
    He also had to account to his people for the loss of 700 of his companions ... and then this is the greatest libel a king has ever inflicted on his people.

  3. We can also read the Odyssey as a logbookwhich is the narrative of one or more sailors about their voyages, their adventures, which, according to the custom of the time, they embellished a little, added a little, made themselves look heroic, brave, clever, but the core of the story, the voyage itself, the places, the weather conditions, could be real.

If you read it as a logbook,  you can  decipher it with enough nautical knowledge

the code for Odyssey.

I sailed the Odysseus route in 2000, and we made a 3-part film about it.

A taste of the film:

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